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Glad® Cook ’n’ Bake Paper 30 cm width x 5 m refill

Glad® Cook ’n’ Bake Paper

Size: 30 cm width x 5 m refill

Non-stick Guarantee

Prepare healthier meals with Glad® Cook ’n’ Bake. Made of high-quality baking and cooking paper with a special non-stick coating, eliminating the need for fats and oil when cooking or baking. You eliminate the mess, too!

  • • Can withstand 230°–250°C = 446°–482°F for microwave and convection ovens.
  • • Versatile, can be used not only for baking but also for frying, steaming or boiling.
  • • Good for lining baking trays, steamers and broilers.
  • • Economical, reusable up to 3–5 times for simple baking and reheating.
  • • After frying food, use Glad® Cook ’n’ Bake to absorb excess oil before serving.
  • Multi-use
  • Microwave safe